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MSI says the 6-series B3 stepping chipset is ready

Latest B3 stepping chipset ready for solving all SATA issues in MSI P67/H67 mainboards

MSI has recently reported that bug-free 6 series chipsets of, B3 stepping , has been initially prepared for ongoing replacement of MSI motherboards. To help users identify the B3 stepping of the P67, H67 motherboard, MSI will provide them with a prominent label “MSI B3 Stepping Ready” to prove the identity of the new board.

MSI’s new 6 series motherboards will gradually arrive in April, while current customers with affected motherboards need to keep patience. The list of defected MSI 6-series motherboards can be found here

According to recent news, Intel has already completed negotiations with the motherboard makers and will assume all manufacturing, shipping related costs for B3 Stepping 6 series chipsets by the date of delivery. Other top motherboard makers, like Asus and Gigabyte, are said to return to normal P67/H67 motherboard supply levels in April.

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