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MSI takes the CeBIT 2012 floor by storm

Press-release: Military Class III and PCI Express Gen3 on All Z77, X79 mainboards and R7000 based Lightning, Hawk and Power Edition graphics cards

MSI, the world renowned mainboard and graphics card manufacturer takes the CeBIT floor by storm with its new generation of Military Class III and PCI Express Gen3 based products. Intel’s newest chipset, Z77 will feature prominently on the Z77A-GD65 and Z77A-GD55 mainboards that are accompanied by record-holding MSI products such as the Big Bang-XPower II and other MSI X79 series mainboards. MSI will also display its latest R7000 series graphics cards including the wildly popular MSI R7970 Lightning and R7870 Hawk featuring the all new Unlocked Digital Power Architecture. Both these cards will be cooled by the all new Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design. Graphics cards fans can also witness MSI’s wide array of Power Edition graphics cards supporting Triple Overvoltage and enhanced PWM design. Only MSI’s highest quality and stability mainboards and graphics cards that support the newest specifications are able to satisfy picky enthusiasts.

MSI Millitary Class IIINewest Military Class III components that support PCI Express Gen3 specification
Continuing on MSI’s commitment for the product’s stability and durability, MSI’s X79/Z77 mainboard and R7000 series graphics card products have officially certified Military Class III components, which have passed the MIL-STD-810G military class certification testing by a third party laboratory. This certification includes seven tests for high temperature, low temperature, severe temperature differences, humidity, pressure, vibration and dropping; ensuring that the products operate properly under the most rigorous environment, providing the best quality and stability for enthusiasts. All Military Class III products also support the PCI Express Gen3 specification that provides twice the bandwidth compared to the previous generation specification, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the fastest and best gaming performance.

MSI Z77/X79 motherboardsAll new X79/Z77 series mainboards
In addition to displaying the MSI X79 Series mainboards, MSI will also announce the Z77A-GD65/Z77A-GD55 products equipped with Intel’s newest Z77 chipset. Built with Military Class III components, they provide support for all Intel 2nd and 3rd Generation core Processors and related technologies that allow next-gen performance with PCI Express Gen3. There’s also the industry’s first 22 phase PWM design on the MSI Big Bang-XPower II, the ultimate overclocking mainboard.. Its top grade components, highest specifications standards and its innovative design allowed the Big Bang-XPower II to beat the highest core clock and highest FSB frequency records. In addition, the MSI X79/Z77 series mainboard’s exclusive support for the industry’s easiest one second overclocking, the OC Genie II; the most convenient operation UEFI and Windows dual graphic interface ClickBIOS II; the secure boot up design that allows you to freely switch BIOS. MiltiBIOS II and other technologies* bring the best usage experience for enthusiasts.

Exclusive first look at MSI new world-class graphics cards
MSI will also display its new Military Class III and PCI Express Gen3 based graphics card at CeBIT 2012. The first world premier will be new king of graphics cards: the MSI R7970 Lightning. The MSI R7970 Lightning comes from a pedigree line of overclocking favorites graphics cards. The R7970 comes equipped with the all new Unlocked Digital Power Architecture (Unlocked BIOS, Digital PWM controller and Enhanced Power Design) ready for world-record breaking performance and is cooled by the next installment in MSI’s award winning Thermal Design: Twin Frozr IV. The MSI Twin Frozr IV is upgraded with the unique Dust Removal technology enhancing the cooling performance of the Twin Frozr IV over time compared to traditional Thermal Designs. The new Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design can also be found on power user’s favorite series of MSI Hawk graphics cards gets expanded with the R7870 Hawk delivering class leading performance, thermal and acoustic characteristics thanks to its Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design. MSI new Power Edition series of graphics card enrich the PCI Express Gen3 scene by offering Triple Overvoltage and are all equipped with an Enhanced PWM design. All this overclocking potential of the Lightning, Hawk and Power Edition series of graphics cards is unleashed with MSI Afterburner. Editor’s most favorite overclocking software that is also compatible with Android and iOS based devices allowing for real-time control and monitoring of voltages, temperatures and fan-speeds. MSI Predator, the video capturing software and MSI Kombustor, one of the industry’s most varied benchmark applications are included for free with MSI Afterburner.

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