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MSI Unveils GeForce GTX 760 GAMING Graphics Card

Prеss-rеlеasе: Includes Exclusive GAMING APP Tuning Utility for Quickly Changing Settings

Leading international motherboard and graphics card maker MSI has just officially unveiled its latest high-end GTX 760 GAMING graphics cards! Featuring NVIDIA’s latest GeForce GTX 760 GPU with 2GB of high-speed GDDR5 and PCI Express Gen 3, the MSI GTX 760 GAMING also comes with the exclusive MSI GAMING APP tuning utility which enables gamers to instantly switch between OC, Gaming, and Silent modes. In addition, MSI’s proprietary Flow Control technology, dual over-sized 10 cm fans, and patented Propeller Blade technology perfectly complement the Twin Frozr IV’s impressive cooling performance. With a core temperature of just 71°C and noise level at a mere 22.81 dB* under full load, the GTX 760 gives gamers unparalleled GAMING performance and stability. MSI is also proud to highlight that its Military Class components are now in their 4th generation of development, delivering longer service life and better stability than ever before. The exclusive Predator audio-video capture software allows gamers to easily record and share their GAMING highlights with friends. In terms of both software and hardware, every single feature underscores MSI’s continued commitment to the GAMING market. MSI is also offering the GeForce GTX 760 equipped with a reference fan for general users.


Exclusive GAMING APP Makes Graphics Card Tuning a Breeze
MSI specifically developed its GAMING APP tuning utility with true gamers in mind. All it takes is one push of a button to switch between card modes, including high-performance OC Mode for improved cooling and extreme GAMING performance, Gaming Mode for perfectly balanced performance, heat levels, and stability, and Silent Mode, which reduces noise to a minimum and provides gamers with a more comfortable and relaxing user environment.

Twin Frozr Cooling Evolution: Under Max Load, Temperature and Noise Just 71 °C and 22.81 dB
The MSI GeForce GTX 760 GAMING features the Twin Frozr IV advanced cooling system. In addition to Propeller Blade, Super Pipe, and Nickel-plated Copper Base technologies for optimal cooling performance, 10 cm over-sized fan blades channel in maximum air flow at ultra low noise levels for unrivaled heat dissipation. In addition, MSI’s new proprietary Flow Control technology funnels air directly to the heat pipe, making cooling more efficient. GPU temperature at full load is now a mere 71 °C and noise is kept down to a whisper-quiet 22.81 dB. Indeed, MSI’s continued devotion to innovation and improvements is a welcome surprise for gamers everywhere!

Military Class 4 Components for Better Stability
To deliver optimal stability during GAMING, the MSI GTX 760 GAMING utilizes MSI’s latest Military Class 4 components. These high quality components are certified by a third-party laboratory to conform to MIL-STD-810G standards, which includes passing 7 rigorous tests in harsh operating environments, providing improved product stability. The card’s all-new SFC with a polished surface offers better cooling, all-solid tantalum capacitors feature a service life of up to 10 years, and Hi-C Cap guarantees absolute stability even under high loads—meaning that gamers can always rest easy knowing their graphics card can handle any situation.

Share Your GAMING Experiences with Predator Video Capture Software
Sharing exciting in-game videos with friends is now all the rage! MSI’s proprietary Afterburner overclocking utility comes integrated with the powerful Predator video capture software free of charge. In addition to video recording hot keys and variable recording quality options, Predator makes sharing GAMING highlights more enjoyable than ever thanks to its full stereo audio support, enabling gamers to seamlessly add commentary to their videos!

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