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New claimant to the crown of watercooling — Koolance CPU-360

Koolance has announced its new waterblock which should outperform previous CPU-350 model

February 5 2010 Koolance Company has announced its new CPU waterblock — CPU-360.

Koolance CPU-360

Koolance CPU-360

According to the manufacturer, this water block should outperform previous CPU-350 model, moreover, it has low flow resistance. It looks that it is becoming a usual thing to have injection system and additional impingement plates in all new modern CPU waterblocks.

After success of Water Cool HK v.3 waterblock, other manufacturers had made waterblocks using this very same injection system: Swiftech — Apogee XT, EK Supreme HF (also has similarities) — they all use the it and have changeable impingement plates inside.

Koolance also decided to keep up with this trend — CPU-360 has typical slit for heat carrier injection and impingement plate:

Koolance CPU-360 arrangement

The cold plate has advanced microfin structure with 0.25mm fins and 0.30mm width channels:

Koolance CPU-350 cold plate

Base of the waterblock is made of copper, top is made of brass, both are nickel plated thus improving corrosion resistance.
Inside the box there are two universal steel mounting brackets for mainstream Intel 775/1156/1366 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3 processors:

Koolance CPU-360 inside the box

No nozzles inside — they are bought separately. The waterblock is compatible with any barbs or compression fittings that has standard G 1/4 BSP threading.

This waterblock starts selling in USA from 8th of February with the price of 85$.

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