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New Crucial DDR3-1333MHz BOM-controlled RDIMM server memory now available

Popular server memory enables users to reduce the frequency of memory qualifications

Lexar Media, a leading global provider of memory products for digital media, today introduced Crucial DDR3-1333MHz RDIMM BOM-controlled server DRAM for customers who require a Bill of Material (BOM), revision control, as well as Product Change Notices (PCNs). BOM-control applies to the DRAM component, register, and PCB of eligible Crucial server memory modules. The new BOM-controlled server memory is covered by the Crucial Reliance Server Program, and enables registered partners to stay ahead of product changes, reduce the frequency of memory qualifications that occur due to memory revisions, and ultimately optimize productivity. Participating customers with Crucial BOM-controlled server memory will receive at least 30 day advanced notification of pending module revisions.

Crucial DDR3-1333MHz RDIMM BOM-controlled server memory is halogen-free, RoHS compliant, and will be validated on Intel® CPUs and platforms; 2GB, 4GB and 8GB densities are now available for sampling and qualification. For additional information on how to purchase BOM-controlled server memory, contact your Crucial memory provider, or visit for details and qualifications.

Michael Moreland, worldwide product manager for Crucial DRAM, said:

At Crucial, we are committed to identifying and delivering high-quality products and programs that meet the needs and challenges of our customers. As part of the Crucial Reliance Program, this new product offering further helps our business and channel customers meet their enterprise goals. As memory components advance, this new BOM-controlled server memory offering provides our customers with a predictable supply of quality product and can ultimately result in the reduction of time spent qualifying new memory modules.

The Crucial Reliance Server Program includes limited-lifetime warranties and dedicated toll-free support, with additional program benefits such as on-site spares, cross-shipment for speedy exchange of warranty replacements, and bulk shipping options. Visit to learn more about participation in the Crucial Reliance Server Program.

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