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New details on HD 6000 leaked

Information from slides of possible official AMD AIB Briefings

Few hours later, after official date of Barts based cards was revealed, there was another leak of new details HD 6000 cards.

According to slides of possible official AMD AIB Briefings in August 2010, there is product transition dates for each card to release. Interesting is the fact, that only new cards — Barts, Cayman, Antilles — are mentioned, but no info on Turks and Caicos.

HD 6000 transition plan

As we see, it is true for Barts as it officially confirmed to be launched in October. Cayman and Antilles based products will be released in November and December, respectively. How ever the actual dates are yet unknown. Moreover, this info is not final.

Another slide reveals Cayman XT and Cayman PRO specification.

Cayman card details

Cyman XT or Radeon HD 6970, as it is planned to be named, will have 10 layer PCB, a dual-slot cooling system and will require additional power from 6-pin + 8-pin power connectors since its TDP is more than 225W but less than 300W. It will hold 1 Gb of GDDR5 video memory operating at 1500MHz! (or 6000MHz QDR). The Pro version will be built on 8 layer PCB with additional power drawn trough two 6-pin power connectors. Its TDP is under 225W. In addition, it will also have 1 Gb of GDDR5 video memory but with 1250MHz clocks (or 5000MHz QDR). We must warn, that the final clocks can be lower. Both cards will have two DVI, two mini-DisplayPort and one HDMI outputs each.

There is still no info on Antilles products. It might have dual-Barts or even dual-Cayman configuration but it is just our guess.

Next slide demonstrates AMD HD 6000 product positioning against current NVIDIA Fermi products.

AMD HD 6000 vs NVIDIA Fermi

One of the first thing to note is that Antilles products currently does not have a rival. But things can change by the time it is officially released. Until that time Cayman is the top AMD single-GPU card which is positioned to perform even better than NVIDIA GTX480. The Mid-high end sector which is represented with Barts based cards are aimed to compete with NVIDIA GTX460 and probably will show the same performance level. Current Juniper based cards, after re-branding and possible small chip enhancement will become 6770 and 6750 and should stand against NVIDIA GTS 450 of mid-end sector.

In the end we must remind you that all of this info was obtained trough third parties and we will have to wait until official information directly from AMD.

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