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RP-450X2 — new Koolance reservoir

A dual 5.25″ bay reservoir supporting single or double Laing D5 pump setup.

Koolance company has introduced another product of liquid cooling equipment with an astonishing design. It is a dual 5.25″ bay reservoir — RP-450X2 — supporting single or double Laing D5 pump setup. In case of single D5 pump use, there is a special cap included to cover second pump location. Pumps not included, as usual.

Koolance RP-450X2

RP-450X2 with pumps installed

RP-450X2 is made from one peace of black acetal with acrylic window and aluminum front panel. The front aluminum panel is black, however, there can be other colors, depending on product popularity. Reservoir comes with four G 1/4 BSP threaded ports, two for each pump, however, pumps share one reservoir. Therefore, it designed to be used for parallel loops.

Inner design of RP-450X2

Inside reservoir there is partitions, that splits the inlet and outlet water paths. Moreover, each inlet/outlet moves/draws water in/from reservoir through a separate pipe, four pipes in total. This explains why pumps are not on one level.

RP-450X2 with leds

To make the outer look of the reservoir even better, you can an install up-to six 3mm leds (not included) into pre-drilled holes.

RP-450X2 specification:

  • Capacity: ~10 fl oz (300ml)
  • Weight(w/o pumps) — 2.5 lbs (1.1kg)
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 5.8″ (14.8cm) x 5.4″ (13.6cm) x 3.3″ (8.5cm)
  • 5.25″ bay mounting screws are included

Kollance recommends using its PMP-450 or PMP-450S pumps. However, it is also compatible with other D5 pumps.

The reservoir is already available for purchase at a price of $119.99 which is a bit expensive. Just think, the total cost of two pumps and reservoir is almost $300. Not everybody can afford it.

Until there are some tests, we can’t say is it worth to buy or not. Meanwhile, Koolance is thinking on a new dual pump reservoir design for its PMP-400 pumps.

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