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Newcomer Coolgate releases High Performance radiators

Coolgate radiators aim at users seeking best performance or ultra silent systems.

A rumor about a new watercooling brand has spread through the communities. What is Coolgate and what can it do? Coolgate radiators aim at users seeking best performance or ultra silent systems. But why Coolgate among all the others brands on market?

Coolgate produces their radiators using a new material mix, so the integrated tube system has been maximized to 90 % copper contingent. This high copper contingent shall increase the heat transmission significantly. Coolgate counts on a usual hand made fin system with 7 FPI (fins per inch). This enables the usage of slow fans and satisfy silent system lovers. Being 60 mm thick the installation shouldn’t make any problems.

Additionally the heat transmission area is even raised. Coolgate radiators posses 4x G1/4 Inputs on the front, which enables a flexible configuration. Further the upper water chambers are separated avoiding any bypass and are optimized for a perfect water flow.

The other side of the Coolgate rads (or lower water chambers) supplies an additional G1/4 input which simplifies filling operations. Coolgate also delivers three high-quality nickel-plated plugs to seal the inputs and outputs. Further you can find screws and silicon pads in the packaging of Coolgate rads. A short installation guide sheet also shows you how to mount Coolgate radiators right.

You can take Coolgate’s word with its slogan “We seek Power” for true. It promises a solid performance manufactured with love in details. Maybe soon Coolgate will take the top of radiator manufacturers. A valuable newcomer good arguments.

Coolgate 120-series radiator specification:

ModelSingle 120 (120)Dual 120 (240)Triple 120(360)Quad 120(480)
Tube material90% copper
Cooling designTubes Triple Row 13mm x2mm
Fin/Chamber materialCopper/Brass
Fin density7 FPI (fins per inch)
Input/Output ports4 x G 1/4 Threads
Weight750 g1030g1350 g1780 g
Liquid Volume 200 ml300 ml400 ml500 ml
Pressure Tested1.5 Bar
Dimensions169.6 x 124 x 60 mm291.6 x 124 x 60mm;413.6 x 124 x 60 mm533.6 x 124 x 60 mm
Mounting screws6-32 UNC threads on both sides for push pull with 120 mm fans
Price~$60 ~$75~$90~$115

Source: Coolgate


# Avatar

these new radiators seem to be interesting for me, I will probabely buy one 360 rad for my new build, currently I only found one test review, but in Japanese, according to test diagrams it performed very well, even better than PA120.3!

# Avatar cool4top,

I will buy one for my new build and post my result later on

# Avatar admiral,

just read the review, very interesting and very good results, so I ordered 2 pcs at, one for me, one for my friend, in order to save transport cost;)

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