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NiBiTor — modification of unsupported Fermi videocard’s BIOS

Force the editor to recognize new Fermi videocards’ BIOS

This well known NVIDIA BIOS editing software received support for new video card models a bit lately. The time this article was written the latest version of NiBiTor had been 5.7, however, it still does not support very popular GTX 460 graphic cards. In fact, BIOS editing module was ready to support these cards beginning from version 5.6 — remember, starting from that version the editor supports GTX 470 and GTX 480 cards. With the release of new model there were no BIOS structure changes made, but for correct understanding for the unknown BIOS the editor must know cards’ ID.

So launch NiBiTor 5.7. Officially this version does not support GTX 460 BIOS editing, however, we will try to open BOIS file of one of these cards:

Editor’s menu

The editor solemnly informed that he does not know this card’s ID and offers to choose the model from the drop-down list or close the software. Don’t get upset and press Ok but don’t press any other buttons. Next, we need to change card’s ID to something more suitable, for example, GTX 470 or GTX 480 in the main window:

Voltage parameters

Next, move to the third tab — Adv. Info, where you need to push Rescan BIOS button:

Voltage parameters

Bingo! Now the editor recognizes BIOS parameters. For those who does not know — Fermi videocards’ BIOS editing modules can be accessed through Tools menu.

Here are the sacred voltage setting for GTX 460:

GTX 460 voltages

The editor also understands cards’ clocks:

GTX 460 voltage parameters

Only one important thing to do — before saving the modified BIOS file we need to move back to the main window and change the original card’s ID back — it will be displayed at the bottom of the list with “Unsupported” device tag.

This method can be also used for GTX 450 and GTX 455 graphic cards which are not yet announced — it is unlikely that BIOS structure will change.

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