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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti to launch on March 15th

Nvidia will launch another GTX-member of 500-series graphic cards in two weeks.

It is the second day of CeBIT exhibition running in Hanover, Germany, but there were already so many new products presented and in lots of trustworthy information reveled. This includes NVIDIA’s upcoming graphics card GeFroce GTX 550 Ti which will be officially in two weeks. But that is not all news.

The important thing is, true specs of GTX 550 Ti, a successor to GTS 450, are finally disclosed. The not only the newbie is a part of GTX- family, but it is a second card with Ti-index that was lately presented by NVIDIA. Judging on variety of custom PCB variants of GTX 560 Ti, we believe GTX 550 Ti will share the same fate. As for key features, the card will have 192 CUDA running at 1800MHz, so by following 2:1 ratio (true for Fermi graphics cards), GPU will be clocked 900Mhz 1GB of GDDR5 memory will operate at 4100Mhz (QDR) while it will be put through a 192-bit interface. Moreover, the GPU is said to reach 1GHz when overclocked. Compared to GTS 450, graphics processor clock have been increased by runs 14% ( 783MHz vs. 900Mhz) and memory bus becomes wider by 50% ( 128-bit vs. 192-bit). This is said by NVIDIA to provide an overage of 28% performance boost for GTX 550 Ti compared to GTS 450.

NVIDIA positions GeForce GTX 550 Ti as a great competitor for ATI HD 5770 (a.k.a AMD Radeon HD 6770) leading by up-to 50% depending on application. With that much power, this card can sure take its niche close to Radeon HD 6850, bringing the novelty to higher performance league. But lets not forget the price. The last is still kept hidden.

Last to note is power consumption and connectivity options. TDP value NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti is set at 116W which means that one 6-pin power connector is required. This is slighly higher that HD 5770 has (106W) , but a bit lower that one of HD 6850 (127W). The card will support Nvida multi-card technology by having one SLI header providing 2-wal SLI setups. The PCI bracket will feature dual-DVI output connectors and one mini HDMI port. The rest details, including price, should arrive on 15th of March.

Source: HT4U

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# Avatar Enio,

The specs are copy paste from some paper that isn’t nice if you dont test by yourself , 116 tdp on 550ti not true . True power load of that card is 150/155 TDP , its 10/15% better than hdd5770 .

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