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Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 is coming!

Nvidia corporation continues its plan to expand 500 series graphic card product line.

NVIDIA corporation continues its plan to expand 500 series graphic card product line. Next to come is GeForce GTX 560 card.

Base on a new and advanced GF114 chip it will replace one of the most popular NVIDIA products — GeForce GTX 460 graphics accelerator, however, the novelty will be more powerful that its predecessor. In fact, the number of CUDA cores will increase from 336 (GTX 460) to 384 (GTX 560). The new GF114 chip will also bring Texture unit improvements as we saw some in GF110 compared to GF100. The clocks will be higher too. Remember, GTX 460 has 675MHz/1350MHz/1800MHz for Graphics/Processor/Memory. As for GTX 560, its expected to have more than 800MHz for graphics clock, more than 1600 for processor clock and slightly faster GDDR5 memory — 1000MHZ or 4000MHz QDR. Still ,the card will be equipped with only 1GB of video memory, however, NVIDIA partners will surely present several models with 2GB on-board, as we already this with GTX 460 products.

All this enchantments will surely require more energy drawn despite the fact that GF114, which is basically a cut version of GF110 chip, is more power efficient. As a result, the TDP will increase by only 20 Watt compared to GTX 460, making the final number at 180W for GTX 560. As its more than 150W, it will need two 6-pin supplementary power connectors to provide that much power.

The overall performance increase is expected to be approximately 35% compared to GTX 460 that will allow the new card to stand against recently announced AMD Radeon HD 6900 graphic cards, HD 6950 in particular, which currently has no “Green” rival. Considering the cards are even in terms of performance, the price can become the key moment when making a choice. As for figures, we expected the price for GTX 560 to start at $250 (note: MSRP for HD 6950 is $299) which will make a great competition. In the end, the card is said to be introduced on January 20th 2011. Yet no official statements from NVIDIA are made!

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