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Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 driver will kill your 3D card!

Several hardware enthusiasts had shared its experience on how to blow your $700 worth graphics card

Several hardware enthusiasts had shared its experience on GeForce GTX 590 graphics card and 267.52 VGA drivers that comes with the card. The last can become the reason for blowing you $700 worth graphics card:

The first card died while trying to reach overclocking maximum. Taking into account that first card had increased GPU voltage, testers tried the same on the second card. Result — two burned graphics cards worth almost 1.5k$. After some talk with NVIDIA reps on this issues, ever-active Swedish overclockers managed to clarify the situation. The reason for such behavior was driver error due to which overload safety feature was not triggered.

On the other hand NVIDIA display driver 267.71 work well with the card, without any errors mentioned above. Unfortunately, the “bad” driver is the one supplied with the graphics card, therefore it is strongly recommended to not install it, but to download the latest version from NVIDIA web-site. Note that safety features are devoted not only for overvolting or overclocking the card. Worst-case situation can happen even during daily use so the only hope for long-term safe operation of the card safety mechanism design by developers.

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