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Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 is available for pre-order

Though there is some time left before Nvidia’s latest dual-GPU beast will be presented officially, e-stores have already began taking pre-orders for it.

The Post updated on 03/21/11.

Though there is some time left before NVIDIA’s latest dual-GPU beast — GeForce GTX 590 — will be presented officially, some e-stores have already began taking pre-orders for it. For example, one of the Canadian e-tailers has listed (currently removed!) Asus ENGTX590/3DIS/3GD5 graphic card, which is a reference design of GeForce GTX 590 with 3GB on-board memory of GDDR5 type.

The price for GeForce GTX 590 card is set to $799, to compare with, Saphire HD 6990 $699 in the same store. Will GeForce GTX 590 be selling for the same price after the launch, time will tell.

Meantime you can take a look at specs specified in Asus ENGTX590/3DIS/3GD5 listing, 612/1224/3420 MHz, which matches the ones published earlier.

In addition

Taiwanese media sources has revealed marketing info for presentation of MSI N590GTX-P3D3GD5 graphic card. Follow them, the Asus variant is a bit factory-clocked, since default clocks for MSI version are lower — 607/1214/3414 MHz. However, MSI promises that N590GTX-P3D3GD5 graphic card can overclock to 840MHz for GPU using MSI Afterburner tools, which is not a bad result considering two high-end GPUs located on one board.

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