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Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 to show up on 22nd of March

Nvidia pushed the launch date of Radeon HD 6990-killer to math Crysys 2 release

After long time waiting AMD has finally presented its latest flagship in graphic card segment — AMD Radeon HD 6990. But what is more tempting, it is the release of “Radeon HD 6990-killer” made by NVIDIA — GeForce GTX 590. So far, this card is confirmed to have two hand picked GF110 chips (same chips are used in GTX 580 and GTX 570) that are known for its great energy efficiency. As far as other official info available, NVIDIA’s dual-GPU beast will feature 1024 CUDA Cores, 3GB GDDR5 memory, one SLI header for quad-GPU setups, dual-8pin external power connectors and TDP of 375W. The actual clocks remain unknown.

It was though the card will first appear in public during PAX East 2011 event (11th-13th of March), but looks like NVIDIA changed its plans and pushed the launch date to 22nd March, which is, by the way, the date of Crysys 2 release, the sequel to the game famous for its huge 3D-graphics hunger.

Regarding price, one of Swedish e-stores has already added the novelty to its product list, but was quickly removed after being discovered:

The cost of 7395 SEK (including VAT) can be recalculated to around 750-800$ for countries with dollar pricing. Comparing MSRP of AMD Radeon HD 6990-699$ — NVIDIA is probably sure of its product being the fastest graphics card on planet, otherwise such price is unjustified.

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