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NVIDIA GPUs will power BMW’s in-car navigation systems

From the 7 Series to the Mini Cooper, NVIDIA Powers BMW State-of-the-Art Graphics, Enabling Focus on Safer, More Enjoyable Driving

LAS VEGAS, NV — (Marketwire) — 01/04/2011 — CES 2011 — BMW of North America and NVIDIA today announced a partnership that puts NVIDIA® GPUs in navigation and vehicle-information systems across all next-generation BMW cars worldwide.

NVIDIA GPUs will power BMW’s in-car navigation systems to deliver vivid graphics with detailed terrain models, landmarks and a stunning new interface. NVIDIA processors will be found throughout BMW’s range of models, including the 7-Series, 5-Series, 3-Series, Mini Cooper line and X-Series of sports activity vehicles.

BMW’s iDrive will feature high resolution visuals, real-time traffic reporting and navigation information. iDrive is the intelligent control concept that makes it intuitively simple to use a BMW’s in-car features. Its ability to clearly show the most relevant details and make anticipatory decisions to assist the driver will allow BMW owners to drive more safely and focus on the joy of driving.

Highlights / Key Facts:

  • Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, the BMW iDrive system provides:
    • Visually rich, next-generation user interface
    • Advanced state-of-the-art graphics for navigation and vehicle-information systems
    • High resolution display (1280×600)
    • Fast user-interface response time
  • At CES 2011, see a sneak preview of the BMW 5-Series, showcasing the very latest graphics technologies at NVIDIA’s outdoor exhibit — Central Plaza booth # CP7.

Elmar Frickenstein, Executive Vice President Electrics/Electronics and Driving Experience Environment at BMW:

A year ago we had a vision to deliver the most advanced intuitive state-of-the-art navigation system. In our quest for superior graphics performance, no one came close to what NVIDIA brings to the table. Our partnership represents the beginning of an exciting new phase for BMW drivers.

Dan Vivoli, Senior Vice President at NVIDIA:

BMW has built their reputation on creating the ultimate driving experience. They are taking that to an entirely new level with NVIDIA GPUs.

Source: NVIDIA

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