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NVIDIA is not afraid of Intel

Though Intel’s next generation graphics will bring better gaming experience Nvidia is sure that it won’t affect future seriously

Intel plans to introduce its second-generation Core Duo processors “Sandy Bridge” on American International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which will start on 5th of January 2011. Intel said the new generation of graphics chips could lead to better performance results, helping PC manufacturers launching more products for low-cost gaming and multimedia notebooks. In case PC manufacturers use Intel processors, they will no longer need to use NVIDIA or AMD’s graphics chips.

However, Ryan Haas (Rene Haas), the general manger of notebook products at NVIDIA, said that market demand for discrete graphics will not change in the next year just because of Intel integrated graphics provide relatively good game and greater multimedia performance. He also mentioned that according to feedback they had received the performance of Intel’s integrated graphics still has many issues unsolved. For example, Sandy Bridge integrated graphics has no support for DirectX 11 API which is widely used in modern games, however, it does support GPU acceleration that are now being implemented in many browsers, such as IE9, Firefox and Chrome.

NVIDIA has also quoted an analyst report as a prove of market demand for discrete GPU. The report from Mercury Research analyst (Dean McCarron) says:

The demand for discrete PC display solutions is still strong, and even higher than before. Mercury Research expects discrete GPU shipments to double during 2009-2014.

Haas said, NVIDIA’s latest technology, called Optimus, will give users of Intel integrated graphics and NVIDIA graphics cards an opportunity to switch between either of them easily, so as to have an energy balance between requirements and possibilities. This technology will be used in more than 200 laptop in 2011. The essence of the technology is to determine which graphics processor to use depending on type of application. For instance, the games will use a discrete GPU, while the standard definition video playback will enable Integrated graphics, because the latter draws less power, however, playback of HD video will require using a discrete graphics solution.

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