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NVIDIA shifts back 28/22/20nm GPU release plans

It looks like TSMC has once again failed its partners to produce enough chips which caused delays.

Several Internet source has recently stated that world-known “green” graphics card manufacturer, NVIDIA, has pushed its plans to introduce 28nm Kepler and 22/20 nm Maxwell products to 2012 and 2014 respectively, even though many of us were almost sure to see the 6th generation of GeForce products this year fall. It looks like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has once again failed its partners to produce enough chips, 28nm in this situation. In addition, those few samples produced showed not satisfactory performance which can be considered as the main reason for Kepler delay.

Qualcomm roadmap 2011-2013

But NVIDIA is not the one to be let down by TSMC. A leaked slide has reveled Qualcomm’s, another TSMC partner, intentions to release its first 28nm mobile processors, starting from Q4 2011. Apparently we should see some roadmap adjustments here too.

Note that TSMC has officially stated to be ready to deliver 28nm design ecosystem with 20nm production line to be available in near future. In figures, it was planned to begin mass production of 28nm products in 2011 which also timed to launch of Fab 15, whereas early 20nm application should start to appear in Q3 2012.

Source: DigiTimes

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