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nVidia to release GTX 500 series cards in 2010

A short article based of recent news about nVidia GeForce GTX 500 graphic cards

So, the GTX 500 series graphic cards are real after all.

It all started with rumors around GTX 580 which appeared even before the official launch of AMD HD 6800 cards. Now, there are plenty of information in Internet proving the upcoming launch of NVIDIA cards in 4th quarter. Moreover, even the exact date is not a secret anymore. Its 9th of November 2010. The actual card specification is still rather uncertain. But several sources stated the cards to be built on fixed version of GF100 GPU with all 512 Cuda cores clocked at 1544MHz. With 128 TMUs the GPU runs at 775MHz. GTX 580 will have 1536MB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 4008MHz and running through 384-bit width memory interface. Although this GPU has more shaders compared to original GTX 480, the TDP of GTX 580 is state to be even less than 250w.

GeForce GTX 580

A new card will arrive with a new cooling system. The system is intended to make the cards run cooler and quieter than GTX 480. So it looks like NVIDIA engineers did some great enhancements increasing its cooling efficiency.

GTX580 vs GTX480 vs HD6870

The overall performance is likely to be 20% greater than current flagship GTX480. Sources claim the card samples are already sent to hardware enthusiasts and being tested as we speak. So it obviously that together with the official card launch, the Internet will get filled with couple of actual performance reviews of the novelty.

Despite all this, there several more NVIDIA cards to meet the market in 2010.

Recent release of NVIDIA 261.00 driver apart from GTX 580 also lists GTS 455 and GT 555M. There is not much information about these cards. However, rumors say that GTS 455 can get a fixed variant of GF406 core or even crippled GF104. GT 555M is mobile solution and that is all we can say about it for now.

NVIDIA is also getting ready to release GTX 570, GTX 560, GT 540 and GT 520 cards by the end of this year. But due to lack of 40nm chip produced these cards will most likely to see the light in early 2011.
Another interesting product NVIDIA is working on is a dual-chip card. It is said that the card will have two modified GF100 cores. Nonetheless, the possible TDP level of such card can reach big numbers, 400W or even more. The naming is not set yet, but if its GTX500 card series than, I guess, its fair to call it Geforce GTX 5×0 GX2. So the main reason for this monster to appear on market is to outperform AMD HD 6990 (codename Antilles). Both are planned to be released in December 2010. In other words, this winter is going to be hot.

In addition

The latest information regarding GTX580 includes the appearance of the card on official Asus home page. According to information provided Asus GTX580 runs at 772MHz core, 4008MHz memory, and has 1536MB of 384-bit wide GDDR5. Further more, the price of Asus GTX580 is around $600. Impressive.

Meanwhile, lets take a look at of fresh photo of Inno 3D GeForce GTX 580 that have leaked:
Inno3D GTX 580
Here is probably true specs of GTX 580 compared to GTX 400 cards:

GTX 470GTX 480GTX 580
GPU Engine Specs:
Code nameGF100GF100GF110
CUDA Cores448480512
Texture blocks5660128
Raster blocks (ROPs)404848
Graphics Clock (MHz)607700772
Processor Clock (MHz)121514011544
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)344299
Memory specs:
Memory clock (MHz)8379241002
SDRAM type1280 MB GDDR51536 MB GDDR51536 MB GDDR5
Memory Interface Width320-bit384-bit384-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)133.9177.4192.4
Other specs:
Bus SupportPCIe 2.0 x16
Standard Display Connectors2x Dual Link DVI, Mini HDMI
Maximum Graphics Card Power (W)225250244
Supplementary Power ConnectorsTwo 6-pin6-pin and 8-pin6-pin and 8-pin

And a picture of a naked card:

Source: Fudzilla, Chiphell, Vr-Zone

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