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Patriot launches Pyro series SSDs

The new line-up include three SandForece SF-2281 based models: 60GB, 120GB and 240GB with read/write rates going 500+ MB/s and 4K randoms reaching 85 000 IOPS

Sources indicate that Patriot has prepared another line-up of solid state drives. In addition to already released Inferno and Wildfire series the new one is named Pyro. The new line-up include three models: 60GB, 120GB and 240GB.

Patriot Pyro

All of them use SandForece SF-2281 controller and MLC NAND flash memory. These 2.5.inch drives are specified to have the following performance numbers : read/write rates for two senior models are 550/520 MB/s. The 60GB model is a bit slower — 515/490 MB/s. Same goes for 4K randoms: 85 000 IOPS for two senior models and 80 000 IOPS for junior model.

The novelties are equated with SATA 3 interface and three-year manufacturer warranty. Patriot Pyro series SSDs should become available really soon although price info is not disclosed.

Source: Patriot

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