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Pentium processors with Socket LGA-1155 hit retail

Prices for the newest Pentium processors are revealed.

Today, Intel should update its list of Pentium family offerings with four new products on Socket LGA 1155 as well as present two new Core i5 and one Core i3 model. In fact, the changes will be dated 22nd of May, although the corresponding document revision will appear on company’s web-page tomorrow morning.

On the other hand, such a technical “delay” does not stop new processors from being already available for purchase in European and Japanese stores. Prices for four Boxed Pentium processors Socket LGA 1155 are, as follows:

  • Pentium G850 (SR05Q), 2.9 GHz — $86
  • Pentium G840 (SR05P), 2.8 GHz — $75
  • Pentium G620 (SR05R), 2.6 GHz — $64
  • Pentium G620T (SR05T), 2.2 GHz — $70

The last CPU stands out by having low TDP value, 35W instead of 65W typical for other models. It also has IGP running at reduced clock, 650MHz against 850MHz. Pentium G6xx series CPUs differs by having support of DDR3-1066 versus DDR3-1333 for models of Pentium G8xx line-up.

In addition, three more LGA 1155 processors came to market. Two of them have more powerful IGP system thanks to more Execution blocks presented. Here are the prices:

  • Core i5-2405S (SR0BB), 2.5 GHz — $205
  • Core i5-2310 (SR02K), 2.9 GHz — $177
  • Core i3-2105 (SR0BA), 3.1 GHz — $134

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