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Peter has two 140mm fans for your graphic card

Interesting cooling solution for graphics cards that can hold of two 140mm fans!

It is a known fact that the size of graphic card’s PCB can easily fit fans up-to 100mm in size. In case of using bigger fans special mounting hardware or brackets are a must.

German company Alpenföhn decided to surprise all you big (regarding graphic cards) size fan lovers by designing a new cooler with a simple name, Peter, that can hold two fans of 120mm or 140mm size mounted on a special bracket. The bracket is mounted to back panel next to video card and takes one PCI slot.

The heatsink includes two section of aluminum fins organized in a fuzzy way though unceasing the overall cooling area. Six “Р” shaped heat-pipes go through 91 aluminum fins while touching the base of the cooler on ist way.

Peter’s mounting mechanism allows it to be mounted on big variety of modern graphics cards: Radeon HD 58xx/68xx/57xx/48xx, GeForce GTX 460/470/480/580.

The time and price are not revealed.

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