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Phobya G-Changer 420 review

Phobya’s triple radiator for 140 fans



  • Quality of manufacturing
  • Good extend of delivery
  • Tube safety feature when using long screws
  • Four input/output ports
  • Price


  • None

During this review, it was hard for us to find any major drawbacks that can cause discommodity for end users. Radiator appearance and decent list of accessories do not give rise to our complaints, presence of anti-vibration gaskets is taken as solid advantage.

On the other hand, we recommend to flush the rad properly before final installation to remove any possible residues left after manufacturing. Bleed screw will help you get rind of air bubbles stuck inside radiator much faster.

Phobya G-Changer 420 delivers great combination of quality performance, price and package content creating high competition for similar products of High-end segment.

Many thanks go to:

  • — WC component and modding accessories shop — for providing a test sample rad.

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