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Phobya Nano-G 14 Silent Waterproof fan review

Phobya fans combine great price with appealing look to meat most requirements of silent freaks, overclockers and hardware enthusiasts


We know Phobya as watercooling component manufacturer with a great variety of different products ranging from fittings to radiators, from modding tools to fans and controllers, from sleeving to ready to use cables/adapters/splitters etc., aimed for silent freaks, watercooling fans and hardware enthusiasts.

Phobya fans combine great price with appealing look. Currently there are several 120mm and 140mm and even 180mm products offered by Phobya. Today we will take a closer look at 140mm representative — Phobya NanoG 14 Silent Waterproff S7 fan that was kindly provided by internet store.

Phobya Nano-G 14 Silent Waterproof fan package

The fan comes in a typical for Phobia design red/blue/black colored cardboard box with a triangular window in order to see what is hidden inside. Aggressively red fan blades visible through the window immediately catches your eyes. The back of the package features short description and technical details and features written in three languages.

What’s inside

Beside the fan itself, you will find one power reduction adapter as the only accessory that comes with the fan. No fans screws or silicon mounts are included.

Phobya Nano-G 14 comes with a pre-sleeved cable and standards 3-pin fan connector both colored black to match the theme. The length of the power cord is about 50cm which is enough to place the fan almost anywhere inside the case.

Phobya Nano-G 14 Silent Waterproof fan package contetn

The impeller numbers 11 non-UV reactive fins with rather sharp edges. Moreover, the impeller is detachable. By pushing on fan fins from the back side, the impeller pops-of bringing you the two coils of the stator that generates magnetic field when current passes through. Looking at the frame, you can notice a bit odd fan mounting system. Phobya Nano-G 14 has two different mounting hole sets: 12cm and 12.5cm, however, it looks like there was three of them in the past (11.5cm is missing). This increases fan’s mounting compatibility with different PC cases or/and radiators that might have non-standard distance between mounting holes.

Phobya Nano-G 14 Silent Waterproof fan

Phobya uses Nanoflux bearing for Nano-G 14 Silent Waterproof fan that combines low noise level (like sleeve bearing) and long lifetime (like ball bearing). The company also underlines the fan to be Waterproof. This means that Phobya Nano-G 14 Silent Waterproof can easily underwater. Moreover, special coating of metal fan parts won’t allow them to corrode when submerged.

The size of the motor is not so small, 4.5cm diameter. This will have an effect on the airflow due to relatively large “dead zone” behind the motor, especially when installed on rad. However, the effect can be reduced by using shroud which makes the distance between the fan motor and radiator core larger thus resulting in more even airflow spreading behind the fan.

Phobya Nano-G 14 Silent Waterproof fan adapter

20cm long power reduction adapter allows the fan to operate at 7 Volts generating less noise as well as decreasing the airflow. Under the black sleeving three is a 70 Ohm resistor soldered in-line with the power(red) wire. The adapter has black 3-pin fan connectors on both side.

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