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Plextor prepares high-speed SSDs

Plextor M2S series are based on MLC memory chips and well supported by Marvell controller

After a successful release of Blu-ray drive with USB 3.0 interface, Plextor switch to high-performance SSD manufacturing. Plextor M2S series SSD will be based on MLC memory chips and will be supported by Marvell controller 88SS9174. The line-up will offer models from 256GB to 64GB with different write/read speeds.

Theses 2.5-inch drives are connected via SATA-II interface and are equipped with 128MB of DDR3 memory buffer. The fastest model boast 480MB/sec read speed and 330MB/sec fro write operations. The 64GB version has lower read/write rates 370MB/sec and 110MB/sec respectively.

MLC (Multi Level Cell) NAND flash memory chips uses new driver to support TRIM commands under Windows 7 operating system. The SSD come with Acronis True Image software for easy data migration, Windows data wiping tools and a three-year warranty. The sales of the novelty should start this month with not pricing information revealed.

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