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Point of View GTX 465 review

In this review we will get acquainted with one of the representatives of GTX 465 graphic cards — Point of View GTX 465

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

The last part of popular game series now supports DirectX 11. During tests, he following setting were chosen:
Preset: Ultra
Enhancement Full Dynamic Lighting D3D11
SSAO: Default
SSAO Quality: High
With anti-aliasing feature turned on we used the following additional settings:
DX10.1: On
Tessellation: On
Contact Handening Shadows: On

CoP 1280x1024 NoAA

CoP 1280x1024 MSAA: 4x

CoP 1920x1080 NoAA

CoP 1920x1080 MSAA: 4x

CoP 2560x1440 NoAA

CoP 2560x1440 MSAA: 4x

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