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Point of View GTX 465 review

In this review we will get acquainted with one of the representatives of GTX 465 graphic cards — Point of View GTX 465

Package content

The look of the acid-green faced girl on the front side of the box caused mixed feelings and associations inside me, and even re-watching the film Avatar could not convince me otherwise:

PoV GTX 465 package

A box has nice and comfortable handle to carry a freshly bought graphic card to your house. So did we. Next we open the package and take a look at its content:

PoV GTX 465 package content

Supplied software disk, quick installation guide, mini-HDMI—HDMI  adapter — that is all what comes together with the card. There are no 4-pin Molex to 6-Pin PCI Express
power adapters inside the box, therefore, check if you power supply have two  6-Pin PCI Express power connectors or simply buy those adapters in advance.
And here is the card itself — Point of View GTX 465:

Point of View GTX 465

The side with PCI-e connector has a warranty sticker:

PoV GTX 465: view of the side with PCI-e connector

There were no labels on screws that hold the cooling system, which is unusual:

Point of View GTX 465

Card’s length is 241mm, the same is stated in specifications. It is worth to note that GTX 470 graphic card of reference design has exactly the same dimensions. There are two 6-Pin PCI Express connectors located on the side. The outlook of PoV GTX 465 and GTX 470 only differ in stickers.

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