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Point of View GTX 465 review

In this review we will get acquainted with one of the representatives of GTX 465 graphic cards — Point of View GTX 465

Design features

The outlook and design of the stock cooling system is the same as GTX 470 has and are described in this review, that is why we will omit the reconsideration of this part and highlight the main aspects.
Reference design GTX 465 has eight memory chips:

GTX 465 reference design board

Our sample of Point of View GTX 465 has ten memory chips:

PoV GTX 465 board

The board closely remind us of GTX 470 board.

To compare, here are the pictures our sample of EVGA GTX 470 card :

Front side of GTX 470 board

Those of you who are not familiar with the details, we will make a rerun over board’s features.

The distance between the corner holes round the GPU for alternative cooling system mount — 58.4mm (2.3″).

1 mm thermal pads are used For thermal interface between memory chips, power transistors and stock cooling plate. Powder pads have one of the best conductivity values, therefore, its change won’t bring much positive effect in most cases.
4-phase GPU power subsystem is located a bit lower than cooling system’s fan:

GTX 465 power subsystem

Power transistors’ specification allow them to operate at temperatures up-to 125°С, each phase’s power according to it specification is limited to 30 А.
GPU voltage controller NCP5388 is located on the back side of the card:

GTX 465 voltage controller

Controller does not have support for I2C bus control, but like GTX 470, there is a possibility to change the voltage the software way using VID method.

Memory IC power phase is located above the fan mounting area:

GTX 465 memory power subsystem

Generally speaking, GTX 465 memory power system is based on one GPU power phase and has same specification as one on GTX 470 — maximum operating temperature of power transistors is 125°С, maximum current is 30 А.
GTX 465 uses Samsung memory chips, same as GTX 470, which have the following label K4G10325FE-HC05:

GTX 465 memory IC

Memory chip specification allow them to operate at 4000 MHz.

Samsung K4G10325FE-HC05 memory IC specification
Small ClassificationGDDR5 SDRAM
Density, Refresh1G, 8K/32ms
Interface, VDD, VDDQPOD_15, 1.5V, 1.5V
Package170FBGA (Halogen Free & Lead Free)
Temp, PowerCommercial Normal
Speed ( Wafer/Chip Biz/BGD : 00 )0.5ns (4.0Gbps)

The back side of GTX 470 looks exactly the same as GTX 470, so here are the picture of the last one with voltage measurement points:

Back side of GTX 465 and voltage measurement points

Voltage measurement for memory ICs using multimeter showed 1.53V.

After study of all card’s features we can make a conclusion that our sample Point of View GTX 465 card is actually an elder Fermi model — GTX 470, therefore, the next step will be an attempt to unlock performance configuration to get GTX 470 specification.

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