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PowerColor brings Vortex technology to HD 6950 series

Deliver a cooler, quieter thermal dissipating ability under longer product life cycle

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphic cards, today introduced an innovative cooling technology into the HD6950 series: the PCS+ HD6950 Vortex II Edition. Featuring the PCS+ series characteristic, the latest edition has superior overclocking ability which clocks in at 850MHz core speed and 1300MHz memory speed, easily accelerating gaming machines with nearly 2.39 teraFLOPs of computing power and offering the surprising gaming experience

The PCS+ HD6950 Vortex II Edition enables users to manually adjust the fan and its physical attributes. By lifting the fan, it optimizes the air flow and taking advantage of the cooler air from the bottom of the case, balancing the ambient temperature. Furthermore, with the exclusive perforated fan design and anti-turbulence ability, enhancing the cooling efficiency and resulting in cooling down the temperature up to 20% compare to reference design.

Also, the latest solution utilizes “Gold Power Kit” which is composed of the select components: Ferrite Core Choke, Dr. Mos and solid capacitor, allows the stable and more efficient overclocking entertaining environment.

In addition
To bring more benefits for gamers, PowerColor includes the most-anticipated game of the year, Modern Warfare 2, into PowerColor PCS+ HD6950 2GB GDDR5(Vortex II Edition)(CALL OF DUTY EDITION). Continuing the gripping and heart-racing action against a new threat dedicated to bringing the world to the brink of collapse, the Modern Warfare 2 delivers the most realistic and immersive FPS gaming experience with PowerColor PCS+ HD6950 Vortex II Edition to all gamers, enabling the most exhilarating gaming experience like never before.

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