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PowerColor to present LCS seried Radeon HD 6970 graphic card

PowerColor and EK waterblocks has joined to bring you water-cooled variant of Radeon HD 6970 graphic card.

PowerColor is pleased to introduce a water-cooled version of Radeon HD 6970 graphic card. Essentially, water cooling cooling has a better thermal conductivity than air. It can completely dispel excessive heat within an airtight environment. Hardcore games prefer water-cooling system because it is able to dissipate greater amount of heat in a quiet setting.

PowerColor LCS HD6970
PowerColor LCS HD6970 2GB GDDD5 comes with pre-installed fullcover waterblock of EK manufacturer. The well-milled copper block features Acetal top with engraved logos on it. Block is mounted with screws M3 screws. The inner structure of EK-FC6970 block has wide and wavy channel design inside to provide an excellent water flow rate. FC6970 covers card’s voltage converter circuit to bring stable operation at summer temperatures, high overclocking potential and low noise at the same time. This waterblock is designed for highest demands. The contact surface of the cooler is flat and polished. The sealing between Acetal top and copper base is made of a durable form of customized ring. The cards also comes with fittings and clamps for 3/8″ and 1/2″ inner diameter tubing.

One of the main benefits of water cooled graphic cards, is that they come with factory overclocking. In case of PowerColor LCS HD6970, the core clock has been increased to 925Mhz while the memory hits 1425MHz. The card is equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory running trough 256-bit interface. Two CFX headers provide connection of up-to four graphic card in Crosfire mode. Maximum of 250 watts is drawn trough 8-pin and 6-pin supplementary power connectors. On board HDMI and mini Display ports bring supports for AMD Eyefinity Technology, enabling gamers to expand their gaming view across up to 4 displays through single graphics card.

In addition, EK FC6970 waterblcok can be already purchased separately. It is available in four variants: Copper base/Acrylic top, Copper base/Acetal top, Nickel plated copper base/Acrylic top, Nickel plated copper base/Acetal top. The price range for four models is 80-90 Euros (including 20% VAT). Note: the waterblock is compatible with all 6970 graphics cards of reference design only!

The final price has not been revealed yet. However, considering MSRP of reference design HD 6970 is $369 and waterblock price of about $90, we can expect PowerColor LCS HD6970 to cost approximately $460-490 in different shops.

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