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Project Denver can touch upon notebook segment

Great perspective on Nvidia’s ARM-based solution with possible graphics core

According to IHS iSuppli forecast, four of five notebooks that will be produced in 2014 will have microprocessors with built it graphics capabilities. Experts say, this gives a great perspectives for NVIDIA if it can offer its own CPU with integrated graphics.

Anyways, the first steps are in the right direction. During CES 2011 in January, NVIDIA has announced its new creation codenamed Project Denver. On behalf of it the company plans to design processor cores of high-performance targeted at different market segments — from Desktop computers to Workstations and Super computers.

Unlike Intel and AMD products based on x86 cores, NVIDIA’s new processors are going to be build using ARM architecture that stand out its high power efficiency. Note that, ARM processors are in use within NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform, which has already became a base ground for several tablet PCs as well as smartphones.

Therefore, if NVIDIA manages to release and ARM-based high-end processor with integrated graphics core, then the last can become a called-for solution for notebooks with one of the main key features — low power consumption. On the other hand, this will also require NVIDIA to have huge support from software developers that are currently concentrated on products for x86 architecture.

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