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Prolimatech Super Mega Hybrid CPU heatsink announced

The word hybrid means that both aluminum and copper is used in production of this cooler

Taiwan company Prolimatech famous for its CPU coolers has announced it new top model with a big name Super Mega Hybrid CPU Heatsink.

Prolimatech Super Mega Hybrid CPU Heatsink

The word hybrid means that both aluminum and copper is used in production of this cooler.

Prolimatech front view

Prolimatech 6mm heat pipes

This will reduce the total weight of the product while have higher performance level at the same time. This cooler comes with an option that can increase pressure and make the contact between CPU and the heatsink base even tighter.

Prolimatech Heatsink base

Prolimatech Super Mega Hybrid CPU Heatsink features:

  • Copper and Aluminum Hybrid for best heat collection and dissipation ratio
  • Copper fins are strategically positioned for better heat dissipation
  • Top fin made of scratch-resistant stainless steel to preserve shine
  • Minimal air resistance between fins allowing best balance between noise and performance for fans in the range of 800-1200RPM. For all out performance, fan RPM at 1600 or above is recommended
  • Vertically adjustable 120/140 mm universal fan clips redesigned for better installation compatibility
  • The Black screws are included to provide extra pressure for better contact with CPU and heatsink

This cooler originally supports LGA 775/1156/1366 sockets. Sockets AM2, AM2+ and AM3 require optional retention hardware available once Prolimatech releases them!

Prolimatech mounting hardware

There are a of mounting hardware included in package, including thermal compound (edit: looks like Arctic cooling MX-2 syringe)
The list of stuff includes:

  • Intel Backplate
  • LGA775 Backplate Spacer
  • four rivet nuts
  • six O-rings
  • two aluminum strip adapters
  • four double ended stud w/ nut
  • four screw nuts
  • aluminum mounting plate
  • two spring loaded screws
  • two black spring loaded screws
  • 120/140 fan wire clips
  • thermal compound

Thanks to hybrid, Prolimatech managed to make a CPU cooler weighting less than 1kg. In fact, it is 945.3 g.

Here is detailed dimensions of the heatsink provided by manufacturer:

Prolimatech detailed dimensions

Prolymatech suggests using its 120/140 fans running at 1000~1200RPM. However, the fans are optional!

Prolimatech with fan installed

Shops are taking pre-orders for this product while estimated shipping date is 4th of October 2010. MSRP is yet unknown.

Source: Prolimatech

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