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Radeon HD 6990 avalable for pre-order

With card to be launched tomorrow, Radeon HD 6990 has finally appeared in e-tailers network

It is becoming trend that upcoming graphic cards appear in retail network long before the official presentation of the product. In case of Radeon HD 6990, we can seen a bit of sluggishness on this matter, that is, the launch of the card is tomorrow and price is still unknown. On the other hand, the closer we get to the X-day, the more accurate can be the estimated price which was, by the way, caught in one of European e-shops — 600 Euros (Excl. VAT)

This can be recalculated into approximately $599 for countries with dollar pricing. Looking back in history of High-end solutions, we can say that this price seems to be very close to real one. NVIDIA, in return, will have its comparable rival, GeForce GTX 590, presented a bit later (estimates — mid March) which gives some time to set the “right” specs and price.

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