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Intel Sandy Bridge processors caught in retail network

Prices for Intel Sandy Bridge processors caught in one of online-shops in Sweden

Intel Sandy Bridge were caught in one of e-shops in Sweden. Shortly after it was revealed the price list page was gone, how ever some was left.
Thereby, here are Swedish prices, including 25% VAT:

Desktop Sandy Bridge processors
Core ClockL3 cacheCores / threadsTurboGPU core clock / Turbo modeUnlocked mult.TDPPrice including 25% VAT
Intel Core i7 2600K3.4GHz8Mb4 / 83.8GHz850 / 1350 MHzYes95W$484
Intel Core i7 26003.4GHz8Mb4/83.8GHz850 / 1350 MHz95W$454
Intel Core i7 2600S2.8GHz8Mb4 / 83.8GHz850 / 1100 MHz65WN/A
Intel Core i5 2500K3.3GHz6Mb4 / 43.7GHz850 / 1100 MHzYes95W$337
Intel Core i5 25003.3GHz6Mb4 / 43.7GHz850 / 1100 MHz95W$321
Intel Core i5 2500S3.3GHz6Mb4 / 43.7GHz850 / 1100 MHz65WN/A
Intel Core i5 2500T2.3GHz6Mb4 / 43.3GHz650 /1250 MHz45WN/A
Intel Core i5 24003.1GHz6Mb4 / 43.4GHz850 / 1100 MHz95W$295
Intel Core i5 2400S2.5GHz6Mb4 / 43.3GHz850 / 1100 MHz65WN/A
Intel Core i5 23002.8GHz6Mb4 / 4N/A850 / 1100 MHz95W$284
Intel Core i5 2390T2.7GHz3Mb2 / 43.5GHz650 / 1100 MHz35WN/A
Intel Core i3 21203.3GHz3Mb2 / 4N/A850 / 1100 MHz65WN/A
Intel Core i3 21003.1GHz3Mb2 / 4N/A850 / 1100 MHz65WN/A
Intel Core i3 2100T2.5GHz3Mb2 / 4N/A650 / 1100 MHz35WN/A

The bad thing: it seems that prices for new processors are a bit higher than expected, except for top Intel Core i7 2600K models. The good thing: models with unlocked multipliers are just slightly more expensive than the regular (with locked mult.) ones. This will certainly be appraised by huge horde of enthusiasts.


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