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SATADIMM SSD speed reaches 520 MB/s

Viking Modular Solutions™ Deliver record enterprise server performance with next generation SATADIMM Solid State Drives (SSD)

Viking Modular Solutions™, a leading global provider and manufacturer of innovative DRAM technology and Solid State Drive solutions, today announced the release of its next generation SATADIMM. Viking Modular’s SATADIMM provides the highest-capacity, highest-performance Solid State Drive (SSD) in the smallest form factor on the market today. Leveraging the form factor of DDR3 DIMMs and the non-volatile capabilities of SSDs, SATADIMM enables enterprise servers to take advantage of its innovative small footprint to drive significantly increased performance per server or “per U”. Viking Modular will demonstrate the product’s unique capabilities at Storage Networking World in Santa Clara, California, April 4-7, 2011.

Available in both 25mm and 18.75mm (VLP) heights in the industry standard 240-PIN DDR3 form factor, Viking Modular’s SATADIMM has the same Bill of Materials (BOM) as a 2.5 inch SSD but with 75% less footprint, greatly enhancing the quantity of SSDs that can be supported within a 1U server. Utilizing the enterprise-class SATADIMM,1U servers can produce 1.4M Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) and up to 3x the capacity and overall performance levels compared to current industry standard servers deployed with traditional SSDs.

Adrian Proctor, Vice President of Marketing for Viking Modular Solutions, said:

At Viking Modular we seek to address the real world challenges of system designers and IT departments who need increasing levels of flexibility, power and performance in their server or storage infrastructure.Our SATADIMM products were designed with this in mind, allowing increased performance and capacity within the existing footprint. SATADIMM has the potential to change the way enterprise OEMs design their servers and will greatly influence the overall server market.

Viking Modular’s SATADIMM products derive power from any available DDR3 socket, providing a high-performance SSD boost even when hard drive bays are full. SATADIMM delivers sustained performance up to 60.000 IOPS Random Reads and Writes with a transfer speed of 520MB/s, and it supports both 6Gb SATA and SAS interfaces. The SATADIMM family of products is ideal for enterprise markets that utilize systems such as blade servers, smaller 1U rackmount servers, storage bridge bays (SBB) and AdvancedTCA blades (ATCA).

Viking Modular Solutions is a technology division of Sanmina-SCI Corporation (Nasdaq: SANM), a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. The two companies have established a legacy of providing Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) customers with innovative technological development, industry certified manufacturing facilities and the benefits of a global supply chain with long standing, strategic partnerships.

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