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Scythe Kozuti: ultra-low profile CPU cooler

Low-profile, light-weight CPU cooler,perfect solution for Mini-ITX motherboards

Japanese company, Scythe, has presented new low profile processor cooler — Kozuti — with its height not exceeding 40mm. By having overall dimension of 110 х 103 х 40 mm this cooler weights only 250g, which makes it perfect solution for Mini-ITX motherboards with no need to use pressure plates.

There are three C-shape heat-pipes going from the base of the cooler to the heatsink piercing through it twice. Between the base and the heatsink there is a 80 х 80 х 10 mm fan. Its speed ranges between 800 and 3300 RPM generating 32.5dBA of noise and moving 24.82 CFM of air.

Simplified mounting system provides cooler compatibility with major Intel Socket LGA 775/1155/1156/1366 and AMD Socket AM2/AM3/AM2+ platforms. Recommended price for Scythe Kozuti in German retails amounts to 27 Euro (including 19% VAT).

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