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Poweradjust 2 — new revision of pump controller

Aqua computer introduced the second revision of Poweradjust to control pumps and other devices with large power consumption.

German manufacturer, Aqua computer, well known for its legendary products for water-cooling system monitoring and control, introduced the second revision of Poweradjust.

Poweradjust 2 is based on an MCU and made to control pumps and other devices with large power consumption.

poweradjust 2

poweradjust 2

poweradjust 2

Poweradjust 2 specification:

  • New revision is optimized for controlling of Laing DDC pumps, but also allows connection of other devices with power consumption less then 25 W and voltage up to 12 V. The maximum output reaches 48 W which indicates significant device reliability
  • Adjustable start-up parameters allows to avoid connected devices to malfunction in case of lack of device start-up voltage
  • Connectors support device tacho signal transmission
  • A plug for flow meter connection with adjustable polling parameters
  • Supports external temperature sensor connection. Operating temperature range now supports negative values: -40 to +100 °C
  • The device can be controlled via USB cord or Aaqubus bus
  • Built-it overload protection
  • Critical temperature and flow level control

Recommended price for Poweradjust 2 Ultra is 39.90 EUR and 34.90 EUR for the Standart version. The last one can be upgraded to Ultra version by entering a special activation key.

For more convenient device placement inside a PC case, an additional 5.25″ bay cover is offered. It can hold up to three Poweradjust 2 controllers:

Poweradjust blende

poweradjust blende

The price for the 5.25″ bay cover is 14.90 €.

Source: Aqua Computer GMBH

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