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Six new processor models from AMD

AMD releases new Phenom II and Athlon II CPUs

Six new AMD desktop processor are ready to go. The models include Phenom II and Athlon II series. The main reason of release is to replace the older CPU series.

New AMD CPUs at 2010-Q4

The released processor list and its specs are the following:

AMD CPU specification
SCUAthlon IIAthlon IIAthlon II
ModelX2 265X3 450X4 645
Core number234
Core nameRegorRana*Propus
Core Clock3.30 GHz3.20 GHz3.10 GHz
Cache2MB L2 cache, no L3 cache1.5MB L2 cache, no L3 cache2MB L2 cache, no L3 cache

* It is essentially a Propus die with one core disabled

This concludes the low-end section. AMD also announced some High-end six-core models to compete against Intel Core i7 models, namely the ones that experienced a recent price drop.

AMD CPU specification
SCUPhenom IIPhenom IIPhenom II
ModelX6 1075T BEx4 970 BEX2 560 BE
Core number642
Core nameThubanDeneb*Calisto**
Core Clock3.00 GHz***3.50 GHz****3.30 GHz
Cache3MB L2 cache, shared 6MB L3 cache2MB L2 cache, shared 6MB L3 cache2MB L2 cache, shared 6MB L3 cache
TDP125 W125 W80 W
Intel closest rivali7-860i5-760i3 models

* It has no Turbo Core Feature, but features unlocked BClk multiplier
** It is essentially a Deneb die with two cores disabled
*** Can reaches 3.5GHz with Turbo Core technology
**** The highest clocked Phenom II chip available

All new models are supported by AM3 and AM2+ motherboards. Interesting is the fact that with a bitof luck X2 560 BE can have all four cores uncloked for free, unlike Intel.

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