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Summary of Eheim Universal pumps

The article reveals all available thechnical specifications of Eheim Universal pumps

Eheim — world leading aquarium pump manufacturer. Its products have fairly found a wide use in computer water cooling system building — Eheim pumps are famous for its reliability and durability.
Eheim 1046, Eheim 1048 pumps are compact and quiet enough, but rather low in performance. Eheim 1250, 1260, 1262 these are the models capable of competing in performance with Laing pumps, but their size and vibration are major drawbacks.

Eheim Universal pump performance

One can get an idea about the Pressure  / Head ratio from the graph provided by the manufacturer:

Performance graph of Eheim Universal pumps

Eheim Universal pumps data comparison table

All Eheim Universal pump specifications take from official documents were put into single table:

Eheim 1046Eheim 1048Eheim 1250Eheim 1260Eheim 1262
Official documents:ManualManualManualManual
Performance, l/h:300600120024003400
Pupm head, Hmax, m:1.21.523.73.6
Noise level, dBa:no data available
Pipe Connections:
Rated voltage:240V/50Hz240V/50Hz240V/50Hz240V/50Hz240V/50Hz
Power Consumption, W:510286580
Max. system pressure:no data available
Max. system temperature:no data available
Dimensions, mm:103 x 146 x 75115 x 147 x 75120 x 180 x 95218 x 116 x 161218 x 116 x 161
Materials of Construction:no data available
Wetted Parts:no data available
Acceptable media:no data available
Features:Can operate in submerged mode

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