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Summary of Eheim Universal pumps

The article reveals all available thechnical specifications of Eheim Universal pumps

Media gallery

Photos were kindly provided by shop that sells LC components as well as modding goods

1046↔1048↔1250 — top view1046↔1048↔1250 — front view
1046↔1048↔1250 — back view1046↔1048↔1250 — left view1046↔1048↔1250 — right view

P.S. In spite of Eheim pump’s wide popularity, I couldn’t find more information about these pumps on the official site or by using Google search engine. That is why I consider this article being not finished. I’ll try to add some more info to the article.

In addition

I also managed to find video recording of Eheim pump work. If you are worried about keeping it silent then it is all for you:

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