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Summary of Laing DDC pumps

The article presents all available technical specifications of Laing DDC pumps

Laing DDC pumps were specially designed to be used in a computer water cooling systems that is why this series have typical features:

  • High efficient spherical motor design, ultra quiet, ultra efficient, with an expected service life of well over 50.000 hours at 12 Volt
  • Highly efficient and dynamically balanced impeller with carbon bearing for smooth ultra quiet operation
  • Ceramic bearing ball and graphite impeller bearing cap designed for high efficiency and long life.
  • Embedded microprocessor that controls pump motor. Pump speed changes in reference with the voltage level change, PWM control is possible
  • Unique patented design has no mechanical seal which is a potential leak path
  • Unique, low profile space saving design provides easy installation
  • Pump is designed to be mounted horizontally with discharge

In Europe these pumps are known under DDC1 and DDC1+ names, while the American market names the same products as DDC 3.1 and DDC 3.2. Since 2009 DDC 3.15 and DDC 3.25 named pumps are appearing in American market.

Performance of Laing DDC pumps

Notwithstanding of its compact size, these pump series have wonderful performance.

Performance of Laing DDC pumps

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