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New waterblocks in Swiftech Komodo family — now for ATI 5800 video cards

At first sight, Swiftech Komodo 5800 does not look promising. However, appearance is deceptive — new arrival has quite an attractive technical features

Swiftech was almost the last company to present its ATI HD 5850 and HD 5870 waterblocks. At first sight, Swiftech Komodo 5800 does not look promising:

Swiftech Komodo HD5800

However, appearance is deceptive — new arrival has quite an attractive technical features. One of them — waterblock is compatible with HD 5850 vide card of reference design, but after slight modification of the mount hardware it becomes compatible with HD 5870 cards:

Komodo HD5800 base

Thermal pads for memory chips and power elements are already pre-applied. Pin matrix base, typical for Komodo family waterblocks, allows to achieve significant GPU temperature reduction:

Waterblock Pin matrix base

Swiftech Komodo waterblock looks much more attractive when installed on ATI HD 5870 video card:

New waterblock on HD 5870

Komodo 5800 and backside of HD 5870 card

The manufacturer also presented its own results of waterblock performance on the example of ATI HD 5870 card cooling:

Swiftech test results

Komodo HD5800 specification:

  • Base plate: C110 copper
  • Housing body: Black Delrin
  • Inlet/outlet port threads: 1/4″ BSPP (G 1/4)
  • Thermal joint installation: thermal grease (GPU) and pre-applied pads for memory, nvio and mosfets.
  • Dimensions: 198mm (L) x 122mm (W) x 13mm (H)
  • Weight: 0.772kg

Package content:

  • Waterblock
  • Two chrome plated barbs 1/2″
  • Two plugs
  • Thermal pads (already pre-applied)
  • Arctic Ceramique thermal interface
  • Installation guide

MSRP is $114.95

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