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Swiftech Komodo HD6900 is finnaly out

Swiftech is pleased to announce Komodo HD6900 true full cover water bock for Radeon 6900 series.

Swiftech is pleased to announce Komodo HD6900 true full cover water bock for Radeon 6900 series. The True full Cover Design solution uses all available mounting holes, and therefore prevents the PCB to bend, either during shipping, or handling. It also protects fragile components during handling/installation of the assembly, while full-cover means that all critical components such as but not limited to GPU, memory and power mosfets are cooled by the water-block.

Swiftech Komodo HD6900 top
The Komodo™ concept offers superior thermal performance at the GPU level thanks to an embedded thin-pin matrix located directly above the GPU area. Flow restriction is moderate by design in order to take into account multiple water-blocks in the same loop.

Swiftech Komodo HD6900 base
The base plate is made of Chrome plated C110 copper and the top is CNC machined either in black Delrin. High thermal conductivity grease pads are pre-applied in the memory and mosfet areas for user convenience. The Komodo HD6900 is compatible with the Radeon HD6970 back-plate (provided with the board)

Swiftech Komodo HD6900 housing internals
As for the water-path, the pictures above show that the flow from the main GPU cavity circulates to the VRM plate by moving thru a an upper cavity in the housing which is sealed by a top cover. The channels going to the VRM’s were carefully designed to minimize pressure drop. The VRM base plate (left) is removable and can be upgraded for revisions of the Radeon HD600 series reference boards. The main plate features an adjustable standoff, and an open standoff hole mount for the same purpose. Due to changeability of VRM plates its became possible to make direct touch VRM plates, so you need to apply thermal grease instead of thermal pads. This is said to have about 20 degrees improvement to VRM temperature.
Swiftech Komodo HD6900 top cover
Additionaly, the block top has a cover hidden under a sticker to keep your eyes off unusual number of screws and give a nice finish to the product.

Swiftech Komodo HD6900 installed
General details:

  • GPU cooling: 0.6 x 0.6mm pin matrix
  • Moderate pressure drop
  • Liquid cooled VRM’s with hard contact to block for perfect TIM
  • Compatible with large compression fittings
  • Compatible with stock HD6970 back-plate
  • Removable VRM copper plate
  • Compatible with: HD6970 and HD6950

The water block comes with two G1/4 plugs, pre-applied thermal pads, Arctic Ceramique thermal grease and installation guide. The block is already available at Swiftech e-shop for a price of $139.95 and will hit retailers shortly.

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