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Swiftech Komodo waterblock for GTX275 and GTX285

Solutions for cooling GTX275 and GTX285 cards from Swiftech — waterblock for GTX275 and 2 waterblock for GTX285

Swiftech presented cooling solutions for GTX275 and GTX285 video cards.

Komodo GTX275-P897 was made for GTX275 VGA. The waterblock is compatible with the Р897 revision boards:


By the time these waterblock were presented, GTX285 cards had two revisions of the board — P891 and P892.

Swiftech Komodo GTX285-P891 and Komodo GTX285-P892 have differences only in board revision compatibility.

Swiftech Komodo GTX285 P891

Swiftech Komodo GTX285-P892 base plate

Typical Swiftech Komodo waterblock features:

  • Pre-installed thermal pads
  • Copper base of high-quality, covered with chrome
  • Matrix cold plate for more efficient GPU cooling:

Swiftech Komodo — matrix cold plate for more efficient GPU cooling

  • Flow resistance rate is about is comparable to one in the Universal Swiftech MCR60 waterblock:

Swiftech Komodo — Flow/Pressure rate compared to Swiftech MCW60


  • Base: chrome-plated copper C110 with a 0.6mm matrix
  • Top is made of black Derlyn
  • Threads: 1/4″ BSPP (G 1/4)
  • Dimensions: 198mm (L) x 122mm (W) x 13mm (L)
  • Weight 772 g

To check card compatibility, please, define board marking:

Board revision in card marking

891 revision is compatible with Swiftech Komodo GTX285-P891
892 revision is compatible with Swiftech Komodo GTX285-P892

Soon, Swiftech intends to expand Komodo waterblock series with solutions for ATI HD 5850 and ATI HD 5870 video cards.

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