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Swiftech launches Apogee XT revision 2

The 2nd revision is mainly focused on flow-rate issue and concerns internal design of the housing only

Currently, Apogee XT is Swiftech’s flagship CPU waterblock. However, one of drawbacks it has is a bit high pressure drop compared to other high-end water blocks of almost the same thermal performance.

How to make the best water-block in the world even better? Revision 2 of the Apogee XT focuses on improving the block flow rate while retaining its thermal performance.

The 2nd revision improvements are mainly focused on flow-rate issue and concerns internal design of the housing only.There are no other modifications to the product.

Original housing — left, revised housing — right

Starting from 8th of March Apogee XT’s are being shipped with an internally revised housing that substantially improves the water-block pressure drop specifications without affecting the thermal performance of the block. Pressure Drop vs. Flow rate curve is presented below to quantify the improvement:

As for temperature data, Swiftech provides info collected from testing performed with actual retail processors under 100% load using CPU Burn. Published results are the best of a minimum of 5 mounts. These results are indicative of Swiftech’s test bench settings and of the tested processors only. Results may vary from one processor to another. Competitive data is provided for comparative purposes, and is only representative of the specific waterblock samples tested. Two samples of the same competitive blocks were used for validation purposes.

Intel® Core™ i7 920 (Bloomfield D0) @4095 Mhz — 1.392 V Actual
WaterblockDelta T (*)
Apogee™ GTZ40.82 °C
Apogee™ XT (factory inlet configuration)37.88 °C
Apogee™ XT (alternate inlet configuration) (**)37.99 °C
Reference competitive data (Heatkiller rev3.0)39.39 °C

Swiftech comments:

  • In factory configuration, the Apogee™ XT showed a 3°C improvement over the Apogee™ GTZ.
  • A 1.5 °C improvement was observed compared the best competitive waterblock tested in our lab.
  • The temperature degradation between factory inlet configuration and alternate inlet configuration was 0.1°C

(*) Delta T is the difference in temperature between averaged CPU core temperature as reported by RealTemp and averaged air temperature reported by 3 thermal probes located at the fans inlets.

(**) Alternate inlet configuration is when the inlet is rotated at 180° to allow installation of extra large compression fittings.

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