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Swiftech MCP35X pump released

Swiftech company released MCP35X, new version of MCP355 series pump also know as Liang DDC 3.20/3.25

Swiftech company famous for its water-cooling component production released a new version of MCP355 series pump also know as Laing DDC 3.20/3.25 — MCP35X.

Swiftech MCP35X

The main innovations for this model is full support of PWM control, allowing to change pump speed from 4500 to 1300RPM. Other features include:

  • 50.000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
  • 12 Volts DC convenience: plugs into the computer power supply
  • Superior head pressure and flow rate (in the usable range) to any pump in its footprint: the MCP35X is particularly well adapted to support multiple devices in the same loop, such as multiple radiators, and/or waterblocks
  • G1/4 ports standard for compatibility with a large assortment of fittings
  • No maintenance when used with distilled water, and anti-fungal additives (our HydrX™ additive is recommended)
  • Quick installation with adhesive neoprene pad, or permanent installation with supplied hardware
  • 2 year warranty

The pump comes with Swiftech designed top providing considerably enhanced hydraulic performance.

MCP35X housing — top view

MCP35X housing — bottom view

It is made out of black POM. It is compatible with previous MCP3xx series pumps and can be bought separately. Its cost, including installation screws and two G1/4 x 1/2″ barb fittings, is $29.95.

Warning, pump disassembling even for the reason of top change automatically voids warranty!

Swiftech provides its own performance graphs of PQ curve at different speed and pump PWM response.

MCP35X PQ curve at various speed

MCP35X PWM response

Detailed dimensions of the pump:

MCP35X — detailed dimensions

MCP35X — detailed dimensions

Here are MCP35X specs compared to previous MCP models:

Swiftech MCP pump specification
Motor typeElectronically commutated, brushless DC, spherical motorElectronically commutated, brushless DC, spherical motorElectronically commutated, brushless DC, spherical motorBrushless, microprocessor controlled
Nominal voltage12 V DC12 V DC12 V DC12 V DC
Operating voltage range9 to 13.4 VDC8 to 13.2 V DC6 to 13.2 V DC8 to 24 V DC
Max. nominal power (@12 V)18 W18 W8.3 W24 W
Max. nominal current (@12 V)1.5 A1.46 A0.69 A2.00 A
Max. nominal head (@12 V)14.7 ft (4.4m)20.2 ft (6.1 m)13.05 ft (4 m)10 ft (3.1 m)
Max nominal discharge (@12 V)~ 4.75 GPM (17.5 LPM)~ 120 GPH (454 LPH)~ 92.4 GPH (350 LPH)~ 317 GPH (1200 LPH)
Maximum pressure22 PSI (1.5 BAR)22 PSI (1.5 BAR)22 PSI (1.5 BAR)50 PSI (3.5 BAR)
Temperature rangeUp to 140°F (60°C)Up to 140°F (60°C)Up to 140°F (60°C)32°F to 140°F (0°C to 60°C)
Electrical power connectorMolex 4 pinMolex 4 pinMolex 4 pinMolex 4 pin
PWM/RPM Signals+/4-pin connector-/3 pin connector-/3 pin connector-/3 pin connector
Port thread standardG1/4G3/8G3/8G1/2
MTBF50.000 Hours50.000 Hours50.000 Hours50.000 Hours

Swiftech has made MCPxxx pump performance comparison graphs.

The first one represents MCP35X operation at various speeds against the speed adjustable MCP655, using 1/2″ tubing:

MCP35X vs MCP655 performance comparison graph

The second one shows MCP35X against all Swiftech pumps data.

MCP35X vs MCPxxx performance comparison graph

MSRP of MCP35X pump, including mounting foam & screws, two G1/4″ x 1/2″ barb fittings, is $109.95.

In addition, Swiftech produced a reservoir which is optional and can be bought separately.

MCP35X with reservoir

This reservoir was designed specially for the MCP35X pump. It has two inlets (support compression fittings up to 1/2″ tube OD) in case you want to build a two loop water cooling systems with a single res. Reservoir can be turned to 6 different angles for convenient tube routing. Two pictures below show reservoir turned by 120 and 60 degrees, respectively.

Detailed dimensions of pump with installed reservoir:

Detailed dimensions of MCP35X with reservoir

Manufacturer suggested retail price of reservoir, including one plug and no fittings, is $29.95

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