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T-Balancer bigNG review

Detailed review of T-Balancer bigNG — fan controller with advanced features


The first part of series reviews about fan controllers with wide range of functionality included one of them — Aqua Computer Aquaero 4.0 USB (read here). This time I have a T-Balancer bigNG fan controller for testing. This controller already became a legend thank to its wide feature selection, ability to connect different devices and design. It is based on a MCU, therefore this device can work completely autonomously. PC connection is need in case of changing settings or in case there is a need to check system status.

Device features

Temperature sensors:
  • Connect up-to four analogue temperature sensors (up-to ten* is optional)
  • Connect up-to two digital temperature sensors (up-to eight* is optional)
  • Free distribution of sensor names
  • Sensor reading calibration features
Flow meters* (optional):
  • Connect up-to two flow meters
  • Free distribution of sensor names
  • Display flow data alternatively in litre/hour, in litre/minute, impulse/minute or impulses per hour
  • Averaged flow meter readings display during the period of time — 1/2/3/4 seconds
  • Adjustable flow sensor polling settings lets other manufacturers′ sensors to be used
  • Four fan control channels
  • Fan speed control by changing voltage or using PWM (Pulse-width modulation)
  • Individual control setting for each channel
  • Individual control status display for each channel
  • Fan control setting in reference to sensors connected to the controller
  • Fan control setting in reference to data-based monitoring software***
  • Up-to 18 “hardware” sensors or up-to 8 “software” sensors can be used at the same time to control fans for each channel
  • Adjustable autonomous fan control algorithms
  • algorithm to keep the set temperature level flat
  • Fixed fans speed settings
  • Save and load setting profiles via control software
  • Short-time fan speed increase settings for case ventilation
System error detection:
  • Detection of fan blocking
  • Critical flow value limit settings*
  • Critical temperature value limit settings in reference to sensors set to control fans
Actions in case of a crash:
  • Automatic fan speed increase to maximum in case of system error or crash detection
  • Visual alerts via LED
  • Sound alerts via on-board buzzer
  • PC power shut down*
PC light control:
  • Four adjustable light effect presets
  • Create your own effects
  • Save and load your own effects
  • Feature extension by connecting other mCubed devices
Interaction with PC:
  • PC connection via HiSpeed USB 2.0 standard
  • Control over all functions is organized via PC and supplied software (Windows)
Firmware update:
  • The firmware of the T-Balancer can be easily updated using supplied PC-software

* SensorHUB extension board is required
**Digital sensors extension kit is required
*** additional software (Motherboard Monitor, SpeedFan) is required

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