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T-Balancer bigNG review

Detailed review of T-Balancer bigNG — fan controller with advanced features


mCubed TBalancer bigNG Specification:
Power voltage:
  • Uses +5 V and +12 V, connection via standard Molex type 8981 connector
  • Four 3-pin P2510L connectors with RPM signal support. Maximum load is 20/40 W (using PWM) per channel; 80* W is total maximum load for all channels, total current is limited to 7A
  • One 4-pin input to send RPM signals to motherboard
Temperature sensors:
  • Four 2-pin connectors for analogue 10 kΩ NTC sensors; digital sensors are connected via I2C extension interface
PC lights:
  • Lamps are connected instead of fans
  • One 2-pin connectors for PC Power led connection, maximum current is 20 mА
  • One 5-pin internal USB connector
  • One B-type USB connector
  • Two 4-pin I2C bus connectors
Dimensions W х H х L [mm]:
  • 88х16х88

* The device has its own overload protection feature. When device′s radiator temperature reaches 85°C it switches from analogue to PWM powering mode, which is very (dangerous for pumps), it switches back to analogue control when temperature gets lower than 75°С.

T-Balancer Sensor HUB specification:
T-Balancer Sensor HUB specification
Sensor connection:
  • Six 2-pin connectors for analogue 10 kΩ NTC sensors
  • Two 3-pin P2510L inputs for flow sensor connection
PC power control:
  • Two 2-pin inputs for “Power” button connection and appropriate motherboard connector
Dimensions L х H х W [mm]:
  • 60×35×20

Connector layout:

bigNG board connector layout

There is no marks on analogue sensors, nor there in official documentation. The manufacturer pays more attention to digital sensors. Temperature readings from these sensors are digital. Temperature data doesn′t not get corrupted if sensor wire length is less than 15 m. A small advantage over the analogue sensors — digital ones have linear reading change throughout the full-range of measurements.
Digital temp sensors are based on Philips LM75A ICs.

Digital temperature sensor

To see the marking of the IC I had to cut a piece of a protective tape. It is strongly recommended not to remove that tape completely – it protects the sensor from a short circuit. But don′t overestimate its( protection tape) value — it does not make sensor waterproof.
Manufacturer declares the following specification for digital sensors:

  • Temperature range: 0-125°С
  • Temperature accuracy: ±2°С, ±0.5°С after calibration
  • Cable length 0.6m

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