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T-Balancer bigNG review

Detailed review of T-Balancer bigNG — fan controller with advanced features

Package content

The fan controller comes in a quite small cardboard box without any markings on it:

bigNG package

The device manual wrapped in a plastic cover serves as an indication of what is inside that box. According to one of the pictures, this device supports water cooling system (WCS) control, but flowmeter only required for WCS can be connected only after buying additional SensorHUB board.
Inside the box there is everything needed for installation and setting things up:

bigNG kit

  • T-Balancer bigNG fan controller unit in antistatic cover
  • Four analogue temperature sensors carefully wounded
  • Two digital temperature sensors
  • Yellow RPM signal transfer cable
  • Internal USB cable to connect device controller to PC
  • CD with supplied software
  • Mentioned earlier manual, on the top of the box
  • PCI slot bracket and all the screws needed to mount the device, all packed in a single plastic bag
  • Two cable ties
  • Superstrong double-sided thermally conductive adhesive tape for sensor mount (15 × 90 × 0.13mm)
  • Two kits of round Velcro fasteners
  • Two pieces of acrylic case with protective tape to keep them from scratching during shipping:

bigNG acrylic case with protective tape

Colored manual was in English (I am glad it wasn’t in German), no other languages available. It is organized in Question-answer form and describes the installation process in details.
There were small things that I liked — the two-sided adhesive tape is very helpful in temp sensor mounting, and Velcro fasteners are useful in case of vertical controller mount inside the PC case.

The cabel to transfer fan RPM signal to motherboard consists of 4-pin plug which is connected to controller, four wires on the other end have a three -pin fan connectors. These are connected to motherboard instead of fans — this is how the info on fan connected to controller speed is transferred.

Tahosignal transfer cable

Both Aquaero USB 4.0 and T-Balancer bigNG had no fan extension cords inside. It looks like this is not in manufacturer’s manner to make user of €70-100 device happy to have those extension cords. When buying such device better think about them in advance.

SensorHUB package differs from the controller’s. The only difference is the manual:

mCubed SensorHUB package

Package content:

  • SensorHUB
  • Six analogue temperature sensors carefully wounded
  • Board to controller connection cable
  • Emergency PC shutdown cable
  • Two cable ties
  • Two kits of round Velcro fastener
  • Superstrong double-sided thermally conductive adhesive tape for sensor mount (15 × 90 × 0.13mm)

mCubed SensorHUB kit

Small extension board captured inside a blue-tinted acrylic case:

mCubed SensorHUB

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