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T-Balancer bigNG review

Detailed review of T-Balancer bigNG — fan controller with advanced features


It is quite comfortable to use bigGN under OS. Control program can be added to autostart list — when minimized Navigator can be found in the system tray. The device provides with huge amount of fan control features. Especially I liked the adjustable algorithm and load control features. It is quite interesting to have PWM powering mode. As for me, I find this feature quite doubtful. Even calibrated digital sensor readings differ from analogue ones; moreover it is convenient to have these analogue sensors to monitor temperatures in the WC loop.
Unfortunately (for this review only) am not fond of any case light effects therefore my conclusion concerning T-Balancer to be good at it will probably sound a bit one-sided — if you need PC for exhibition or you just want to stand out with a sparkling PC then this baby is just what you need.
Cons found:

  • Limited support
  • Driver problems that need to be solved on your own
  • The device shows wrong fan speed from time-to-time
  • No LCD. Some of you might argue with that, but: in case of system failure, for example pump malfunctioning, the device only sets the alarm and to figure out the reason for this system crash you at least have to enter motherboard BIOS or check alarm’s post codes

Well, it is time to make some conclusions about this high-end devices. I have spent as much time for testing T-Balancer bigNG as for Aquaero USB 4.0 and tests showed the following: if the priority is to control temperatures and fan speed then bigGN outcomes his competitor. But for WCS control Aquaero USB 4.0 is way more convenient – it is possible build quite flexible and complex control centre with lots of safety features.

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