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#DDR 3

Press-release: Technology Leaders Target the Ultrathin Computing Market With Reduced-Height Module and Connector Solutions

Press-release: To fully meet the stringent demands for cloud computing, Apacer rolls out industry-leading enterprise-level 16GB bulk storage DDR3-1600 high-speed server memory module.

Press-release: G.SKILL invited up to 8 professional overclockers from across the world, including legendary overclockers from the United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Australia and Japan.

Press-release: Dedicated to embedded systems and fully compatible with Intel Ivy Bridge microprocessor platform

Press-release: For the 2nd consecutive quarter, G.SKILL topped the ranking list by internationally renowned overclocking website, HWBOT, as the most popular DDR3 memory brand used within the overclocking community since 2011-Q4

Press-release: Rated speed up to DDR3 2800MHz 16GB(4GBx4)-overclocked to DDR3 3320MHz 16GB(4GBx4)